School with a diffrent

School with a diffrent

Sanskar public school is like most of the other well established privately managed in Gwalior with its fine complex of buildings and learning facilities

However ,it has extra qualities of its own which makes its very special not only to the students and the teachers.but to those aspiring parents who seek admission for their children.

Examination Evaluation

The School academies year is divided into three times and progress reports are issue in the end of year term. Regular assessment of the child essential to know the progress in the respective courses.
To note the consistent performance of the child, the school has its own examination system.
It assesses the students through unit tests and terminal and final examinations. The performance of the students is assessed through his/her regularly in homework and class tests.

Parents-Teacher Meeting

It is a scheduled to have parent-teachers meeting on last Saturday of every month or on the date as per
notice on notice board or notified through the students diary. No parent is allowed to see his/her ward
directly in the class room.