• CBSE Affiliation No : 1030763
  • CBSE School Code No : 50729
  • DISE Code : 23040512160
  • Phone : 0751-4045121
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School Management

Management of School

Pre Primary School

1. Birth to 3 Years

This is a very complex age. At this age child start learning and imitate thing very fast. At this age we should not shout at child and we should talk very politely with child as they learn same manner. When child completes one year we should give picture books and blocks and verbally tell them about these pictures and slowly tell them about these pictures and slowly tell them about good habit e.g. Close mouth and eat , After eating do brush , Do not touch and play with electrical a gadgets etc. Important thing is to be strict but polite and loving.

2. Age 4 to 7 Years

This is the age where we have to teach how to talk, walk and eat food . How to take bath , how to set bag for school as per time table and something about daily Puja at home before going to school. The child must finish daily homework the previous night. Slowly we have to teach them about outside world and how to behave in society e.g. when we got to someone’s house we should not touch anything, when they offer any snacks then only we should take and say thanks and develop habit of saying sorry if something wrong happens. Respect and obey elders. Tech them about table manners. We should now teach them few prayers and how to do Puja.

Primary School

3. Age 8 to 12 Year

At this age child can understand everything and its importance. Teach them basic housekeeping principles . Teach them how to keep their belongings neat and tidy. Teach them how to keep each and everything neatly in its proper place. Most importance is to inculcate in them habit of self study. It is necessary to teach them the value of money. We should also teach them one or two Yogas or basic exercise to keep themselves fit and healthy.

Middle School

4. Age 13 to 16 Year

This age is critical period of Childs development. Start of teens brings many changes in children. At this age we should behave with them like friends. Tell them about good and bad things in the society. Teach them virtues of patience and tolerance. Teach them what all is good for their future. Always take your children into confidence before doing any work which impacts them. Discuss about their study and other matters of their interest. Give them space for themselves. “Without good ‘SANSKAR’ oceans of knowledge and talents could be worthless”

High School

Scholastic Agenda


The school will be affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) , New Delhi and will prepare the students for All India Secondary and Senior Secondary Examinations, following strictly the syllabus of 10+2 patterns of education. Academic Year: The Academic Year commences of 1st April and concludes on 31st March The annual examination for all the classes will be held in the month of March.